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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Colour B4 results...

Hello everyone,

I thought i would do a post about colour b4. As you know before i had like faded reddish, purpley, brown hair which i was getting fed up of. So on a whim when i was shopping in Redditch town centre i decided to grab myself a box of extra strength colour b4. I had to get extra strength because the amount of dye in my hair is shocking . So last night i did it and followed the instructions and i actually LOVE the colour it's like a strawberry blonde, brassy blonde sort of colour. Yes, as my little brother says ginger but i quite like it. Makes me look not so pale and suits my freckles aha.

So here we are:

My hair before (sorry about the stupid pose, me being silly!)

Me with the colour B4 on ( it honestly smells like rotten egg, gross!)

My hair after ( yes, GINGER FO LYF!)

So what do you think? I think i might go to a hairdressers and have highlights put in to just lift the colour a bit but i'm not sure yet, have any of you ever used the product? If so, what would you rate it? I would give it 7/10 lost points for its awful smell! 

Lauren xoxox

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