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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

STYLE CRUSH: Rachel Bilson

Here is another post on what i really created my blog for. It is a style crush, on Rachel Bilson no less! I've always loved Rachel Bilson ever since i tuned into my first episode of the o.c (oh so long ago!) and since then in Jumper and her other films.

I adore her style, its effortless and chic. Her hair is to dye for and she just seems to get it right over and over. She has the preppy-ness of simple outfits but the boho-ness with her gorgeous hair and make-up and key prints. Here are a few photos of this style star:

I personally base most of my style on her, i think you can notice in quite a few of my outfits and my hair is now pretty much the same, aha. I have the identical outfit that she is wearing in the second to last picture. I love how she looks so gorgeous in casual and evening style. She just aces it all.

P.s i ombred my hair, it failed big time at first but it i fixed it and it looks nice now, so i shall show you that in a future post.

Love you all

Monday, 8 August 2011

Product Review... Avon Extra Lasting Mascara.

Heya Sweeties,
 Today I'm going to be doing my first product review on 'Avon Extra Lasting Mascara'. Personally i quite like this mascara, it makes my lashes quite long. I have quite short lashes with not much volume it does show quite a bit of difference. 

This is the difference: on the right is me with no mascara on and on the left 
is me with the mascara on. You can definitively see the definition of the lashes with
the mascara on.

Taking this picture was so hard for some reason i couldn't look at the camera so 
my eyes look vile so i'm sorry about that. But anyway i think it makes my lashes look very voluminous
and long. Quite resembling individual fake lashes i think. 

This is with just one coat of the mascara on and already you can see the mascara defining 
the lashes and giving them extra length.

This is my lashes with no mascara on at all, as you can see they are very thin and short and
i don't have many. So this mascara does really make a difference. I would highly recommend it to
anyone with similar lashes to mine wanting fuller looking lashes. 

I really do love it because i don't like wearing eyeliner and a full face of make up on my off days. 
So a bit of moisteriser, bronzer and some decent mascara works a treat.
Have you guys used it? What do you think?

Lauren xx

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Colour B4 results...

Hello everyone,

I thought i would do a post about colour b4. As you know before i had like faded reddish, purpley, brown hair which i was getting fed up of. So on a whim when i was shopping in Redditch town centre i decided to grab myself a box of extra strength colour b4. I had to get extra strength because the amount of dye in my hair is shocking . So last night i did it and followed the instructions and i actually LOVE the colour it's like a strawberry blonde, brassy blonde sort of colour. Yes, as my little brother says ginger but i quite like it. Makes me look not so pale and suits my freckles aha.

So here we are:

My hair before (sorry about the stupid pose, me being silly!)

Me with the colour B4 on ( it honestly smells like rotten egg, gross!)

My hair after ( yes, GINGER FO LYF!)

So what do you think? I think i might go to a hairdressers and have highlights put in to just lift the colour a bit but i'm not sure yet, have any of you ever used the product? If so, what would you rate it? I would give it 7/10 lost points for its awful smell! 

Lauren xoxox